nintendo-logoThe Nintendo NX was announced last year and so far all we know about the device is that it will be Nintendo’s next-gen console. This means that how it looks like, what kind of games it will play, and what kind of features it will have is anyone’s guess, but there is a good chance in the following months we could see a concept reveal.

This is according to Tokyo-based Nomura Securities analyst Junk Yamamura, who claims that Nintendo could reveal some details about the NX console anytime between March to May. Given that the console was announced in March last year, it wouldn’t be completely out of the question. According to Yamamura, he also expects the console to launch between October and November later this year.

“We think the NX will start to boost operating profits in 18/3 [Oct-Dec 2017], when it will have been on the market for a full year and will have a line-up of software titles, which carry high operating margins.” As for its official reveal, it has been speculated that Nintendo will most likely take advantage of E3 which is usually around June.

We have to admit that we are pretty excited about the Nintendo NX and what kind of features it will bring to the table, and more importantly if it has what it takes to compete against the PS4 and Xbox One, so do check back with us soon for the details.

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