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Nintendo Officially Introduces The Nintendo Switch Console
As per Nintendo’s announcement yesterday, the company did promise that they would share more information about its upcoming NX console today, and sure enough they did. It looks like the NX was merely a codename because the company has officially announced their latest console, the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo NX Will Be Officially Revealed Tomorrow
The Nintendo NX was officially revealed a year ago, and after months of rumor and speculation, it seems that all of that will finally be addressed tomorrow. In a tweet by Nintendo of America, it looks like come 20th October, 7AM PT, Nintendo will be finally taking the wraps off their upcoming console and reveal it to the world.

Nintendo NX Reveal Rumored To Take Place Next Week
The Nintendo NX is a huge mystery as no one knows what to expect, save for the fact that we know that the console exists. In fact many believe that the NX is still the codename for the console and it is not its official name, although Nintendo has yet to confirm that, but it seems that could change next week.

Apparently Nintendo Doesn’t Want Anyone Talking About The NX For Now
Let’s ask ourselves what do we know about the Nintendo NX? We know it will be released in 2017, and we also know that it exists, but beyond that we just have to deal with a ton of speculation and rumors, which is why it is understandable that Nintendo is trying to cut down on that kind of chatter.


Nintendo NX Price Might Have Been Revealed By Tesco UK
Despite Nintendo announcing that they have a new console in the works in the form of the NX, details about the console are pretty much zilch at this point. We know its name, we know it exists, and we also know that it will be released in March 2017, and that’s pretty much all we know as far as official information is concerned.

Trial Production Run Of The Nintendo NX Has Reportedly Begun
Earlier this year, Nintendo announced that their upcoming NX console would be released in March. It seems like things could very well be on track because according to a report from DigiTimes (via Nintendo Life), a trial production run at Foxconn is already underway, which unless something goes wrong, would definitely put them on track for a March release.

Ubisoft Sings The Nintendo NX’s Praises
The Nintendo NX isn’t even out yet and basically save for the rumors and speculation, no one has any idea what Nintendo is up to. However it seems that Ubisoft is rather excited about the NX, and we’re not sure if they’re working with Nintendo to hype up the console, or if they’re genuinely thrilled with what Nintendo’s got so far.

Pokemon’s CEO Hints At NX Having Handheld Capabilities
Not much is known about the Nintendo NX, simply because Nintendo has been rather mum about its specs, features, and design. Instead what we have heard so far are simply rumors, and one of those rumors include how the NX could be some kind of handheld hybrid console. Of course rumors are just that, but we might have gotten some confirmation.

Pokemon Games For Nintendo NX Confirmed
Pokemon Go and Nintendo go way back so it goes without saying that their partnership is going to continue into the future as well. CEO of The Pokemon Company has confirmed that they will be developing Pokemon games for Nintendo NX, Nintendo’s next-generation gaming console that’s yet to be officially unveiled. The Pokemon Company happens to be an affiliate of Nintendo which deals with licensing of Pokemon characters.

Analysts Expect Nintendo NX To Be Unveiled By Early October
At this point in time, not much is known about the Nintendo NX. We know that it exists as Nintendo did confirm they were working on a new console, but how the console looks like, what kind of specs it is packing, and what kind of features it has is really anyone’s guess. However we have heard that it will be officially revealed this coming fall.

Nintendo Wants To Giveaway An NX Console
While we know that the Nintendo NX exists, we do not know much else about. There have been rumors such as how it would use cartridges instead of discs, but really at this point in time everything we’ve heard so far is pretty much speculation. That being said, if you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on one, Nintendo has plans to give one away.

Nintendo NX Will Use Cartridges Instead Of Discs
Nintendo hasn’t confirmed a lot of details about its next-generation console but it appears that something that has been rumored in the past might actually be true. A big news outlet has reiterated reports that instead of using discs, the Nintendo NX consoles will use cartridges much like the company’s existing Nintendo 3DS handheld console. Nintendo has obviously not officially confirmed anything about the console and we can’t expect it […]

Nintendo NX Might See Nintendo Do Away With Region Locking
For the past few years, Nintendo has been region locking their consoles. For those unfamiliar with what this means, basically this means that certain games can only be played in certain territories, which can be rather annoying as gamers would then have to wait for a localized version which could take months or years.

Nintendo NX Patent Details Potential Modular Controller
According to the rumors, the Nintendo NX is thought to be something of a modular console. Why is this? For starters it is said that the console will be more of a handheld console that has docking capabilities for those who want to play it in the living room. It is also said that it will come with controllers that can be attached and removed from the console itself.