olympus pen-f 4A couple of weeks ago, we reported that leaked images revealed the upcoming Olympus PEN-F interchangeable lens camera. Turns out that the leaked images were right on the money because Olympus has since officially announced and confirmed their latest interchangeable camera, the Olympus PEN-F.

Now if you’re wondering why the camera in the photos looks different from what was in the previously leaked photo, it is because the leaked photo showed the camera with its optional external grip. But apart from that, the rest of the camera, its button, and its layout is pretty much consistent with the leak.

That being said, what can we expect from the new Olympus PEN-F? For starters it features a 20.1MP Micro Four-Thirds sensor. However it also comes with a High Res. Shot mode (introduced in previous Olympus models) that combines images to create a 50MP equivalent, which might be useful for those looking to print out huge images.

The camera also comes with a touchscreen LCD display on the back that can be rotated, along with a 2.36 million dot viewfinder. The design of the camera is pretty retro and seems to be similar to cameras like the recently announced Fujifilm X-Pro2, where users can control features like exposure via an external dial, as opposed to having to dive into the menus.

The camera also comes with built-in 5-axis image stabilization, meaning that you won’t need to rely on an IS lens for the feature. It can shoot at 10fps and comes with built-in WiFi for remote control and transfer via a smartphone app. As for pricing and availability, the Olympus PEN-F will be priced at $1,200 for the body-only and it is expected to be released in March.

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