Xperia-T3-explodes_2Horror stories of phones catching on fire and/or exploding aren’t new, which is rather unfortunate. In the past we have heard stories of phones catching on fire while in the pocket of the user, and now according to the latest story, it seems that a man in the UK has had his Sony Xperia T3 explode while in his hands.


According to the man, Grant Eger of Newport, South Wales, “I was just scrolling through my phone and as I was scrolling and texting back my girlfriend, I heard a little tick noise like something was going on in the phone. When I first started hearing them I didn’t know what they were. I just thought, “what the hell is it?” The next thing I knew was a spark shot out the side. They were big so my instant reaction was to throw it. I threw the phone to the side of my bed. It just sparked even more and went up in flames.”

However that was not all. Apparently the phone proceed to burn his carpet, with the fire only being extinguished after it had been tossed out into his back garden. While we would like to call this a happy ending, the photo above shows that Eger seemed to have suffered some injuries to his hand. He adds, “I’ve been working with cars for years and had electric shocks but this is entirely different. With Sony, you wouldn’t expect something like that to happen to a phone like that. I won’t touch a Sony phone again – no chance.”

Sony has since responded that they have gotten in touch with Eger and are trying to investigate what went wrong. “We are now in direct contact with the customer to investigate the cause of the incident.”

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