exploded iphoneThe idea of an iPhone being able to catch on fire or explode isn’t new. This has happened to many phones in the past, namely due to the fact that phones these days rely on lithium-ion batteries which has the potential to balloon up and explode when damaged. Recently a new case has surfaced in which a man claims his iPhone caught fire in his pants.


Speaking to WSBTV (via Cult of Mac), the man who goes by the name Rocky claims that his was loading his car at Home Depot when he saw smoke coming out of his pants. “When I saw the smoke, I undid my belt, I undid my pants. I pushed it away, turned my head hoping it wouldn’t explode. It burned pretty much my whole front pocket, burned my boxers, started to burn my leg, but I had moved it away in time so it wouldn’t burn me.”

The good news is that Rocky does not appear to have suffered any damage, other than the humiliation of having to strip off one’s pants in public. “I mean, it was pretty humiliating having to take your pants off in a parking lot.” Interestingly enough it seems that Rocky isn’t interested in seeking compensation from Apple either, which is typically what happens in such cases.

It turns out that the phone Rocky owned was actually a refurbished model that he bought from a refurbishing company. Apple also claims that they are investigating the matter.

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