It was reported earlier this month that Instagram was testing a new feature which would allow users to manage multiple accounts without having to sign out and sign in for each individual account. The feature might not mean much to people who just have one account but if you’re in the social media business and handle Instagram for your clients, or if you have a small business and would like to easily access its Instagram account, then account switching is definitely going to make your life a lot easier. Instagram has finally rolled out this feature to both iOS and Android.


Instagram did confirm last week that it was testing the account switching feature but didn’t say if and when it will be rolled out for everybody, pointing towards the fact that it regularly tests new features in the community and not all of them make the cut.

Account switching has made the cut, though. Users can now quickly and easily switch between multiple accounts on Instagram. They first need to add an additional account in profile settings and once that’s done all they need to do is tap the username at the top of the profile to switch between accounts.

Users will see their profile photo appear in places throughout the app once they have configured multiple accounts so that they can be sure of which account they’re using at that particular moment. Account switching feature is included in version 7.5 of Instagram for iOS and Android that has now been rolled out.

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