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Boston Dynamics Robots Have Learnt How To Dance
If you’re really into robots, then Boston Dynamics is most likely a company that you’ve been following. The company has made some pretty impressive strides over the years with its development on robots, and to end the year, the company has released a new video that shows off its robots dancing.

Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dog Patrols The Streets Of Singapore To Remind People To Social Distance
Just like many parts of the world, Singapore is currently on lockdown where residents are encouraged to stay at home and only go out unless to buy essentials. To help remind its citizens and residents to stay home, the government has employed the use of Boston Dynamics’ robot dog, Spot.

Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dog Is Being Used By Law Enforcement
Over the years as technology improves, we’ve started to see some of that technology being utilized by law enforcement agencies, such as drones which can be used for surveillance purposes. Now it looks like Massachusetts State Police will also be turning to new technologies, and this time it comes in the form of Boston Dynamics’ robot dog.

Boston Dynamics Shows Off New Robot That Can Do Handstands, Cartwheels, And Spins
The folks at Boston Dynamics have been making huge strides with their robot designs, where in the past we have seen the company create dog-like robots that can run and jump and traverse rocky terrain. We’ve also seen them introduce humanoid robots like Atlas that can walk on two legs, but now it looks like the robot has managed to learn some new tricks.


Boston Dynamics SpotMini Robot Will Go On Sale In 2019
Robotics company Boston Dynamics has released countless videos which reveal just how far along it has come with its technological advancements since its early days. One of its more intriguing creations is the SpotMini robot which kind of looks like a dog. The videos it has released of the SpotMini have shown the robot navigating around an office on its own, opening a door for a second SpotMini robot, and […]

Boston Dynamics Robot Company Sold By Alphabet To SoftBank
Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has announced its decision to sell Boston Dynamics robot company to Japanese tech conglomerate SoftBank. It was first reported over a year ago that Alphabet was looking to find a buyer for Boston Dynamics as it was divesting its investment in the company. It has found a buyer in Japan’s SoftBank. Alphabet will also be handing over the three big robots that Boston Dynamics […]

Boston Dynamics Unveils Its Latest Robot, The SpotMini
By now a good many of you guys should be familiar with the company Boston Dynamics. In case you’re not, they are a company that Google acquired in 2013 that specializes in creating robots, and while they have put out two-legged humanoid models, the company has been known more for their four-legged creations, like Spot.

Google Might Be Selling Robot Company Boston Dynamics
Robot maker Boston Dynamics was acquired by Google a couple of years ago. It belongs to Alphabet now, the new parent company that emerged after Google restructured its affairs, and if a new report is to be believed then Alphabet might be selling one of its most popular acquisitions. According to the report, the company is considering selling off robot maker Boston Dynamics.

Dog, Meet Robot
Human interaction with robots is a field that still requires plenty of study before one is able to come up with a truly comfortable interaction experience, although there is at least one study that has shown how people tend to trust a robot more than their common sense when being led by said robot to evacuate a building in the event of an emergency as opposed to heading for the […]

Alphabet’s Atlas Robot Is More Human Than Ever Before
The Atlas robot is definitely no stranger to us, as it has made quite a fair number of appearances over the years, including demonstrating the Karate Kid kick. However, despite being primed for military use by the Pentagon, it looks like the Atlas robot might have a role to play as a robotic butler. This time around, we have word that the Atlas humanoid robot is now more human than […]

U.S. Military Gives Up On Robot Because It's Too Loud
The pack mule robot by Boston Dynamics, a Google company that recently wished us all a terrifying Merry Christmas, was being put through field testing by the United States military. The robot was meant to make it easy for military personnel to carry heavy equipment in the field however the military is giving up on this robot not because it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do because it’s just […]

Santa Gets Help From Robot Reindeer
One question that many children will ask each Christmas in starry-eyed wonder – how does Santa actually distribute all of his presents to children worldwide in a single night? That is something for parents to answer, but in the meantime, we can sit back and see how technology might soon replace beasts of burden when it comes to pulling things along. Scientists at Boston Dynamics have issued a video that […]

Google's Robots Wish You A Terrifying Merry Christmas
The common methods of greeting someone for the holidays involve sending them a card or a message or email, maybe call them if you’re feeling particularly generous with your feelings, Google on the other hand thinks it okay to terrify you as you really know that Christmas is around the corner. Robotics company Boston Dynamics, owned by Google, has released a new video showing its robo-dogs pulling Santa’s sleigh, because […]

Boston Dynamics Shows Off Spot, Their Latest Robot Dog
Boston Dynamics, for those unfamiliar, is a company that builds and develops robots. They were also acquired by Google back in 2013, and recently the company has taken the wraps off their latest design – a robotic dog called Spot, which is also essentially a smaller and slightly more agile version of their WildCat robot.Spot weighs 160 pounds and is electrically-powered and hydraulically-actuated. The robot is able to walk, climb […]

Google Acquires Boston Dynamics
Google and robotics do seem to be a rather potent combination, and we have just received word that Google’s robotics division has expanded themselves by picking up Boston Dynamics. Yes sir, Boston Dynamics happens to be that company which churns out those noisy, yet extremely stable walking robots for folks over in the military. There was no mention on how much Google paid to pick up Boston Dynamics though, but […]

Boston Dynamics LS3 To Gain Bulletproof Capability
Tiptoeing on tulips – that is exactly what the folks over at Boston Dynamics are supposed to do with their LS3 mule robot. LS3 stands for Legged Squad Support System, where we have seen in the past just how it managed to make its way across some pretty rough terrain on all fours, without even falling down when it was kicked. Not only that, it boasted the strength to haul […]