Alto’s Adventure was a game that was in the works for a while, before it was released on iOS devices last year in February. The good news is that after waiting for a year, Android gamers will finally get a chance to get their hands on the game. This is according to an announcement by the game’s developers in which they confirmed its Android launch.


The game will be seeing a release on the 11th of February, and the best news is that the game will be free. This is versus the iOS version which is priced at $2.99. The game will be ported onto Android with the help of Noodlecake and while it is free, there will be some in-app purchases.

According to the developers, they cite piracy levels on Android as the reason for doing this. “We also heard about the crazy levels of piracy on Android (thanks in part to Ustwo Games’ incredibly insightful Monument Valley infographic), and wanted to ensure that Alto’s Adventure could be as accessible as possible for everyone, while still being good for business.”

“So, after careful consideration, we decided to take the plunge and launch Alto’s Adventure for free, adding a variety of opt-in bonuses for players who might need a little extra help, or otherwise want to show their support.” Other than that, the game will remain exactly the same as its iOS counterpart, save for the in-app purchases. So if you have been hoping for the game’s arrival on Android, you only have about a week to go before you can get your hands on it.

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