Picking up the perfect wine can be a real task. Not everyone is an expert which is why sommeliers exist, they take into account your preferences and then recommend the perfect wine. In case you don’t have one on speed dial and you happen to live in Japan then you can take advantage of Amazon’s new service. The online giant has launched an on-demand sommelier service in Japan.

The best part is that Amazon Japan is offering this service for free. Customers who purchase wine through Amazon can take advantage of a free phone consultation with a certified sommelier. The only caveat is that this service is only available in Japan and in Japanese between noon and 5 pm.

Customers who want to take advantage of this service will have to leave a number and then wait for the sommelier to call them up. That can take some time, a spokeswoman at Amazon Japan said: “It depends on how busy the sommeliers are, but typically we believe that they will be able to call back in a few minutes.”

Customers can then pick the sommelier’s brain for wines that go well with certain types of food or the best wines for house parties or suitable ones to be given as gifts. It’s a pretty neat service but sadly, Amazon isn’t confirming if it’s going to roll this out in other markets as well.

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