bing-android-2016It was in November last year when we brought you word on how the Bing app for iOS has picked up a rather relevant update, where it sported a slew of new features which clearly placed it ahead of the race with the Android version, especially when one takes capabilities of the app into consideration. Well, it did not take too long – three months thereabouts, for Microsoft to even up the odds with the latest Bing Search for Android version. Installing this version will bump up the app number to 6.0.25181660, and it will be made available to those who are running Android 4.0 or higher.

One of the new features that comes along with this update would be the search button that is located in the middle of the home page. Having a long press of the button would then reveal a couple of smaller buttons, where one of them would be a camera button so that you can shoot QR codes or bar codes, while the microphone button is rather obvious – to kickstart a voice search.

New buttons have also been thrown into the mix, such as “Near Me”, where you can then look out for find places to go if you would like to grab a bite, or to fill up your vehicle with gas, purchase groceries, chill out at malls and the like. Pressing on one will reveal relevant information concerning the selection, including directions, a Yelp rating where applicable and even a coupon that offers you a bargain. This will be a free app, where you can download it here via your Android handset.

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