street fighter 5Back in the day when you were losing a game in DotA, StarCraft, Counter-Strike, and etc., all you’d have to do is leave the game. This is also known as rage quitting and fast forward to today, it is a practice that is heavily frowned upon. In fact developers have come up with ways to punish players who rage quit as a way to discourage the act.

Oddly enough for a competitive title like Street Fighter V, it was initially noted that Capcom did nothing to punish gamers who were to quit a match halfway. To make it worse, the match won’t even register meaning that it won’t count as a win for you if the other person quits, nor will it count as a loss for them.

The good news is that Capcom is finally going to do something about it. In a statement provided to Eurogamer, a Capcom spokesperson confirmed that the developer will be looking into implementing such a system. It is unclear as to what kind of system or method they will use to punish rage quitters, but know that it is coming.

“I can confirm that it is something we are going to be addressing to make the gameplay experience one that all fans can enjoy and be rewarded fairly for,” a spokesperson said. It is unfortunate that in the meantime, it looks like rage quitters will still be able to get away with it without any backlash.

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