free jack worthHave a spare bedroom in your home that you’re not using? Or maybe you have a property that you just can’t seem to rent out on a long-term, or maybe you have a holiday home that doesn’t get used save for 1 month in the year. Thanks to Airbnb, you spare room or home will not go to waste, and you get to make some money in the process.

An Emerson College student by the name of Jack Worth thought the same thing too, except that this was for his dorm room which he listed on Airbnb. A report from the Boston Globe quoted the description of the listing as, “a private, single-bedroom unit with sweeping views of Boston Common, right in the heart of downtown,” which we have to admit is pretty clever.

According to Worth, “Really, the idea just came from the combination of understanding where Emerson is located in the city, and it being in such a heavily-desired neighborhood, and the thought of how I could make a little bit of extra money.” Unfortunately for Worth, his idea did not last long as the school soon caught onto his activities, in which Worth will now be facing a disciplinary hearing for several charges of misconduct.

He has also taken down his Airbnb listing and has also reportedly been fined $150 by the company for violating their rules and regulations. That being said, many have taken to Twitter in support for Worth in a #FreeJackWorth hashtag. According to another Emerson sophomore, Ari Howorth, “There is nothing criminal with providing cheap housing to travelers. He wanted to help those who wouldn’t be able to afford to stay in the downtown area. If the Emerson community is as inclusive as it claims to be, it should act it.”

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