If you’re a Comcast subscriber facing a service outage today, don’t worry too much, because you most certainly aren’t alone. Reports are trickling in from all over the United States that Comcast is down in parts of the country. Subscribers appear to be dealing with connectivity issues and outages with the majority of them based in New York and San Francisco.

The outage appears to be sporadic at best and reports suggest that it’s limited to large cities. Most subscribers are complaining about no internet service or having to face connectivity issues. There are some who report no internet or TV service at all. There’s also a pocket that only appears to be facing issues with the TV service.

Comcast’s website shows that subscribers starting reporting outages at around 7:20 am PT with reports peaking in the next hour. The company has released a statement saying that it continues to investigate what looks like a “temporary network interruption.” “We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our customers,” it says.

Comcast certainly seems to have its hands full with this as some of its customers have taken to Twitter to complain that they can’t even reach customer service. It’s predictably flooded with complaints about no service. Hopefully Comcast will be able to sort this matter out soon and restore normal service to all of its customers.

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