fujifilm_x-t1_01While companies like Sony have been introducing 4K video capture to its camera lineup, the same cannot be said for Fujifilm. In fact the company’s latest camera, the X-Pro2 does not have 4K, which is rather unfortunate as it is a pretty good camera and the inclusion of 4K would have been icing on the cake.

However the good news is that if you don’t mind holding out, you will be pleased to learn that the Fujifilm X-T2 will indeed sport 4K video capture. This is according to French website focus-numerique who managed to speak to Fujifilm at CP+. According to the company’s executives, they have confirmed that 4K will be a feature of the next X-T camera.

“We will integrate the 4K video in the next models of the T series.” Interestingly enough, they also point out that the X-Pro2 will be capable of 4K video capture which could be enabled via firmware update, but the company has no plans to do so at the moment. Apparently their studies have found that users do not expect the feature.

“We asked users of the X-Pro 1 if they used it for video and 80% of them said no. By cons, of course, you can make high quality videos FHD with the X-Pro 2. But according to our studies users do not expect 4K feature on the X-Pro 2. Technically, we could add this feature with a firmware update but we do not plan to do so in the future.” The Fujifilm X-T1 is one of the better mirrorless cameras in the market at the moment, but many reviews have lamented its subpar video capture capabilities, so hopefully the X-T2 will see a marked improvement.

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