google_fiberGoogle Fiber has certainly made its way across various places in the US, and Austin, Texas is one of them, having its pricing revealed in November 2014 before it went live a few days after the price was revealed to the masses. However, not everyone is too happy with the way in which Google Fiber was installed in the area. As Google started to install the infrastructure in order to deliver high-speed Internet service to the area, and hundreds of Austin residents have already accused Google Fiber of causing excessive damage and congestion – mainly due to Google’s contractors, of course.

Those living on Lambs Lane in Southeast Austin are not too fond of the words “Google Fiber”, where residents there claim that Google and its contractors have left construction eyesores in the area, while materials left behind was deemed to have blocked a number of storm drains. Other residents remember how on October 30th, a couple of feet of water rushed into their home, flooding it along the way.

254 out of 363 complaints alone that were connected to Google Fiber’s construction and installation activity were filed last year with Austin’s 3-1-1 services. Some of the complaints include home, landscape and lawn damage, trespassing and other kinds of disruptions, including trucks that block private driveways. So far, Google Fiber has not responded to any kind of allegations filed against it or its contractors.

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