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Google Ditches 100Mbps Plan For New Google Fiber Customers
Just like most internet service providers, Google used to offer a basic entry-level plan for Google Fiber in the form of a 100Mbps plan. Priced at $50, this was a good way for customers to get into Google Fiber. However, it seems that moving forwards, Google has decided to scrap the plan entirely for new customers.

Google Will Pay $3.84 Million To Fix Roads After Fiber Fails In Louisville
Google Fiber didn’t do as well as the company might have hoped in Louisville. There was some damage caused to the infrastructure in the city as the company set about laying the foundation for its internet service. Google is now making amends and has agreed to pay the Louisville Metro Government $3.84 million over the next 20 months to repair the damage caused to roads for the ill-fated Google Fiber […]

Google Fiber Will No Longer Be Available In Louisville
Google Fiber, the internet search giant’s gigabit internet service, was launched in Louisville, Kentucky alongside San Antonio, Texas back in 2017. The former now has the distinction of being the first market where Google will be shutting down the service. Google has since expanded Fiber to some 9 states across the country.

Google Fiber Rollout Plans To Be ‘Paused’ In 10 Cities
Given that pretty much all of Google’s products and services require users to have some kind of internet connection, some of the company’s efforts at providing internet, such as Project Loon and Google Fiber make a lot of sense. However as far as Fiber is concerned, it seems that Google will be dialing back their efforts a bit.


Google Fiber Has Gone Live In Salt Lake City
Google has gradually been expanding its Fiber gigabit internet service in more cities across the United States. A few months ago it announced that Salt Lake City will be the next location in which the service will go live and that has happened today. Google Fiber has gone live in Salt Lake City starting today.

Comcast's Gigabit Internet Twice As Expensive Where Google Fiber Isn't Available
Google isn’t the only company that’s providing gigabit internet services in select cities of the United States. Conventional ISPs have some skin in the game as well. They appear to be matching Google Fiber in the cities where it’s available, but a new report shows that Comcast’s gigabit internet service is almost twice as expensive in cities where Google Fiber isn’t available.

Google Could Be Working On High-Speed Wireless Internet Service
Google Fiber – the company’s gigabit internet service – is gradually being rolled out in more cities across the country and it appears that the company is now looking towards the wireless medium to expand high-speed internet. A new FCC filing by Google shows that it’s planning to experiment with 3.5GHz spectrum that will help relieve Wi-Fi congestion and improve consumer experience when accessing the internet over wireless broadband.

Google Fiber Could Come To Dallas
Google has gradually been expanding its Fiber gigabit internet service across the United States and now it’s looking at yet another potential city where it could expand the service. The company has announced today that it’s looking at Dallas, Texas, as the next potential Google Fiber city. It’s only exploring the idea right now so it can’t be said for sure if Google Fiber will really become available in Dallas.

Google Cast Available On Every Google Fiber TV Box Now
Google has announced that starting today it’s adding Google Cast, the technology that powers its popular Chromecast dongle, to every Google Fiber TV box. This opens up a whole new world of content for those who have a Fiber TV box, enabling them to easily cast their shows, movies, music, and other content to the biggest screen in their house. It also eliminates the need for them to purchase a […]

Google Fiber Is Coming To Nashville, Tennessee
Google Fiber is gradually being expanded to more cities across the country and the latest market to be confirmed is Nashville, Tennessee. This is the ninth market for Google’s gigabit internet service. Google had previously announced Nashville as a candidate city for Fiber back in January last year. As is the case with most Google Fiber rollouts, it’s going to be done at a very limited scale initially.

Google Fiber No Longer Offers Free Basic Service In Kansas City
Google Fiber is the online search giant’s gigabit internet service that’s gradually becoming available in more cities across the United States. In most markets the gigabit internet service is priced at $70 per month but in some markets, Google also provides a 5Mbps service for free as long as the customer is willing to pay a construction fee. According to a new report, this option is now no longer available to customers […]

Google Launches Landline Service Called Fiber Phone
As hard as it might appear for the younger generation to believe, there was a time without cellphones, a time when we used to rely on landlines to get in touch with our loved ones. You can forget about texting and tweeting. Now that almost everybody has a cellphone at the very least it might not make much sense to have a home phone service. I don’t have one anymore […]

Google Fiber Heads To San Francisco
Google’s gigabit internet service is slowly being expanded to more cities across the country. Google Fiber’s next destination is a bit closer to home. The company announced today that Google Fiber is coming to “a portion” of San Francisco, the service will initially be provided only to condos, apartments and affordable housing units.

Google Fiber Installation Causes Damage & Disruption In Austin
Google Fiber has certainly made its way across various places in the US, and Austin, Texas is one of them, having its pricing revealed in November 2014 before it went live a few days after the price was revealed to the masses. However, not everyone is too happy with the way in which Google Fiber was installed in the area. As Google started to install the infrastructure in order to […]