nexus2cee_play-music-podcastsIt looks like several users have reported that Google Play Music’s podcasts interface and functionality are now accessible, although this does not mean that there is an across-the-board implementation. It has been common knowledge since October last year that Google Play Music was being prepared to welcome podcasts into realm of audio entertainment, but yesterday saw sportscaster Bill Simmons share that this feature will indeed go live in February. Well, some lucky users have already reported that this option is now live and kickin’.


The podcast section of Play Music does share many similarities with the overall Play Music app in terms of its cards layout, orange hues, alongside a strong focus on the cover art itself with small expandable descriptions. It has been divided into a couple of tabs – one for featured shows, and the other for your subscriptions, accompanied by a search bar at the top.

The search function remains universal across all of Play Music at the moment, so one should be able to get a better grasp of details such as songs, albums, artists, playlists, and videos right before you even see the podcasts within the results list. Since this change is one from the server side of things, it all boils down to your luck as to whether you can see it in the Play Music app. As long as you have version 6.3 and above, you’re good to go.

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