iosheremapsIt looks like Here Maps for iOS is here to stay, after being around for over a year already. After all, life is never linear, and it is always nice to have alternatives from time to time. You can never quite tell as to when a particular moment requires a backup – and alternative apps offer just that. Just in case in some crazy instance where both Apple and Google navigation apps fail to work that day on your iOS device, there is always Here Maps for iOS. Thankfully, this app has not remained in the Jurassic era, as it has been updated to bring even more enhancements to the table.

For starters, if one were to tap on a place icon on a map, it will showcase detailed information such as hours and contact details, among others. This will be similar to what one would see in Google’s app, so it is nice to see Here Maps play catch up. After all, better late than never, right? In addition, there is a brand new shortcut tool which offers speedy access to Here Maps features. Should you tap and hold on any place, options for the likes of directions, navigation, sharing the destination will appear, letting you choose your next move.

If you were to key in your home address, a useful button located in the top right corner would let you return in double quick time. The app works great with 3D Touch as well. What are you waiting for? [Press Release]

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