HERE Maps Rebranded To HERE WeGo, Gets A New Design

Here Maps – which started out as a Nokia division – is making a big change today. The team has rebranded the app from HERE Maps to HERE WeGo and also introduced a major redesign as well as improvements to the overall functionality. These changes have been made to further improve the mapping experience for people who use the app to go from one point to another.

Microsoft And Amazon Confirmed To Be Interested In Tech For Self-Driving Cars

It was reported recently that both Amazon and Microsoft are looking at an opportunity to acquire a stake in Here, the mapping technology for self-driving cars. There has been no official comment on the matter from Amazon or Microsoft but now Daimler has confirmed that the two tech giants are indeed interested in acquiring a stake in this potentially game-changing technology for self-driving cars.

Here Maps Is Giving Up On Windows Phone And Windows 10

Here-branded mapping applications have long been available on Windows Phone-powered smartphones but from now on that’s not going to be the case. The Here Maps team has confirmed that they’re dropping support for Here-branded apps for Windows Phone and Windows 10. From now on the team is going to limit its development on this platform to fixing critical bugs found in apps for Windows Phone 8.

Here Maps For iOS Gets Update

It looks like Here Maps for iOS is here to stay, after being around for over a year already. After all, life is never linear, and it is always nice to have alternatives from time to time. You can never quite tell as to when a particular moment requires a backup – and alternative apps offer just that. Just in case in some crazy instance where both Apple and Google […]


HERE Maps Updated For Windows 10 Devices

It looks like the once-Nokia-owned HERE Maps (now under BMW, Daimler and Audi) has just been updated for mobile devices that are rocking to the Windows 10 mobile operating system. Of course, HERE Maps used to be the domain of Nokia devices only, but when it was released for the Android platform as well as iOS, that proved to be a smart move for the company since the user base […]

Here Maps Will Perform Navigation Duties On Samsung’s First Round Smartwatch

Samsung recently unveiled its first round smartwatch called the Gear S2 and while the wearable device won’t be released for customers until this fall many are looking forward to getting their hands on it. We also continue to find out new bits of information about the device such as the fact that Here maps is the official navigation partner for the Gear S2 smartwatch, it will provide users with turn-by-turn […]

Here For Android Now Lets You Share Your Route

The Here for Android beta program is chugging along quite nicely and a new update has been released for the mapping application which now allows you to share your route, it’s a feature that many users have been asking for so it’s good to see that the Here team has listened and followed through. All users can share their routes whether they’re going by car, public transit or even if they’re […]

Uber Loses Bid For Nokia HERE Maps To German Car Makers

It’s not a secret that Nokia is willing to sell its HERE maps division in order to raise more money to puts towards its communication networks business but so far no deal has materialized even though the division is reportedly being courted by multiple suitors. There were reports that ridesharing service Uber had a bid for this multibillion-dollar division of Nokia but it’s now being said that Uber has lost out […]

Android Public Beta For HERE Maps Launched

Nokia might be looking to offload HERE Maps to whoever pays the most for it but the team is still hard at work developing new features and functionality for this impressive mapping and navigation app. Today Nokia has launched the Android Public Beta for HERE Maps which will allow users to Android to get access to new features while they’re still in development so that they can provide the team with […]

Nokia Leaning Towards Selling HERE Maps To German Carmakers

A couple of months ago it was suggested that Nokia was thinking of selling off its HERE Maps division. One of the groups that reportedly had interest in the technology were the German carmakers who banded together with the plans of purchasing it collectively. Apparently the idea was so that tech companies such as Apple would not hog all of the technology.Now according to a report from Bloomberg, it has […]

Nokia Wants Apple To Buy Their HERE Maps Division [Rumor]

A report from a little over a week ago suggested that Nokia was looking to sell off its HERE Maps division, but the question is who might be interested in purchasing it? After all Nokia’s HERE Maps service is a pretty decent navigational tool, although it admittedly does not have the same pull as other mapping apps out there, such as Google Maps, for example.That being said, could Apple be […]

Nokia HERE Maps For Android Drops Beta Tag

I know, I know, we saw Nokia’s HERE maps updated on both the Android and Windows Phone platforms just yesterday – and it looks as though the folks over at Nokia have been hard at work on another refresh. After all, the Android version of Nokia HERE Maps has been updated – and what makes this refresh all the more unique is the fact that this latest version would have […]

Nokia Cited To Halt HERE Maps Suite Development For Lumia Devices

Those who happen to swear by them Windows Phone-powered handsets from Microsoft tend to rest in the knowledge that this device holds one particularly strong point over the rest of its competitors, and that would be their HERE Maps suite. Well, it seems that this particular cutting edge will be no more in due time, since it has been said that Nokia will put a stop to the development of […]