waferless-kitkatI am quite sure that just about every one of us have bitten into a bar of KitKat, taking in all of that chocolatey goodness and looking forward to the crunchy texture in which the wafer offers. Well, it seems that the world stopped spinning for a while when college student Saima Ahmed bit into a KitKat bar, only to discover that there was no wafer inside. She has since informed Nestlé that the only way to compensate her was to reward her with a lifetime supply of Kit Kats, and should the Swiss company fail to oblige her demand, then she intends to go to the court of law.

It looks like Ahmed’s purchase of this £2 multi-pack of Kit Kats gave her less than what she bargained for, and what are the odds of it happening, really? She could jolly well have picked up the Golden Ticket if she were to have bought a different kind of chocolate considering her luck, don’t you think so? In Ahmed’s strongly worded letter to Nestlé, she insisted on a lifetime supply of KitKats, citing, “The loss I have suffered is of monetary and emotional significance.”

Perhaps it is time for the folks over at Nestlé to take a break and, well, have a KitKat. So far, Ahmed has not received a reply from Nestlé. We are curious as to see how all of it will pan out, with the power of social media at the fingertips of consumers these days.

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