Cars powered by alternative fuels are actively being developed now by companies like Tesla that haven’t been a part of the motoring world for a very long time as well as some big car manufacturers that have only produced gasoline-powered cars for decades. Options like electric and hydrogen cars are now on the table. A company called nanoFlowcell has come up with a new concept car that it says is powered by something called “electrolyte fuel.”

nanoFlowcell hasn’t revealed a lot of details about this car as yet but apparently it has a low-voltage powertrain which pushes energy to four electric motors, one for each wheel, to efficiently move the car.


Since it’s not an electric car the QUANTiNO doesn’t need to be plugged in like you would plug in a Tesla or a hybrid. It says that the car will actually be filled with electrolyte fuel. It doesn’t go into much detail about the fuel but says that this technology is already being used in some countries for domestic applications and that the same technology can be used for maritime, air and rail travel too.

The company says that QUANTiNO is street legal and “near standard,” but it hasn’t decided whether it’s actually going to start selling the car to the public. A small production run might be a possibility with the car offering a meager 107 horsepower.

nanFlowcell will showcase this concept at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland next month.

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