It was reported late last month that at the Detroit Auto Show this year Audi might show up with a hydrogen-powered SUV concept, and that’s precisely what it has done. The company has unveiled its h-tron quattro SUV concept that’s powered by hydrogen coupled with a fuel cell powertrain. It’s a concept for now so there’s no saying if and when a model based on this concept is going to hit the market.

The unveiling of its hydrogen-powered SUV concept comes merely days after Audi showed off its all-electric SUV concept at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas last week. It chose to keep this one under the wraps for the Detroit Auto Show.


According to Audi, the h-tron quattro is capable of running more than 370 miles on a full tank of hydrogen which only requires four minutes to be refilled. The car is said to reach from 0-62 mph in just under 7 seconds which is impressive given its green credentials.

Since this is a concept Audi can try some things that it can’t necessarily bring to production cars immediately, so the interior is very conceptual and futuristic, with things like curved OLED displays making the cut.

Audi has created several hydrogen-powered concepts in the past as well which goes to show that it’s serious about this technology and may even release a production model somewhere down the line, it just won’t say as yet when that’s going to happen.

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