Xperia XA ColoursSony’s mobile presence in the US is not as strong as it once was. In recent times, we’ve seen the company launch their phones in markets like Japan first, and even plans to bring some of their plans stateside fell through like with the Xperia Z4v. Later phones like the Xperia Z5 found their way to the US, but certain features were omitted.


So what does this mean for the recently announced series of Xperia X handsets? Does this mean that we probably won’t see the phones come to the US, or at least see some kind of limited release? The good news for Sony fans is that it looks like the company is still remaining pretty committed to the US market.

According to Sony, it seems that the Xperia X series of phones will be arriving stateside. So far we haven’t heard about any potential deals with carriers, like what Samsung has done with the Galaxy S7, or LG with the LG G5, but according to Sony, they will be selling the phones in the US even if it is through their own online sales channel.

This is pretty much how their Xperia Z5 handsets are being sold, so we guess it doesn’t really come as a surprise. Unfortunately the phones are pegged for a launch over the summer which means there is still a bit of waiting to do, but hopefully we can look forward to some kind of carrier participation by then.

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