verizon go90One of T-Mobile’s Binge On partners is Verizon’s Go90 video service. For those unfamiliar with Binge On, this means that if you are one of the program’s partners, users who watch videos from your platform can do so without the data streamed from those videos being taken from their data cap.

It’s actually interesting that T-Mobile offered it before Verizon, but the good news is that if you are a Verizon subscriber, you will be pleased to learn that the carrier is now allowing users to watch its Go90 videos over LTE connectivity without it eating into their data allowance. However Verizon notes that browsing, commenting, clipping, and sharing content from Go90 will use data, so basically it’s just the video streaming portion that doesn’t.

Also note that this unlimited streaming only applies to Go90. We’re not sure if Verizon has plans to include other services in the future (which would make sense, since Binge On does sound pretty competitive), but for now don’t think you can stream other videos without it being counted towards your monthly data allotment.

That being said if you haven’t updated (or downloaded) your Go90 app yet, then head on over to the iTunes App Store or Google Play for the download.

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