xiaomi-mi5-teardownWhile many do see the LG G5 as the star of this year’s MWC, it goes without saying that the most affordable Snapdragon 820-powered smartphone to date, the Xiaomi Mi 5, is no pushover, either. In fact, despite packing in some pretty impressive specifications of its own, it still manages to keep the cost down, and the handset has already undergone the teardown treatment in less than a day after it was launched.

The chassis itself measures 7.5mm thin, and yet manages to carry its fair amount of premium components. Those who performed the teardown had some pretty interesting observations concerning the smartphone. For starters, there is no microSD memory card slot on the device, but this handset does come with dual-SIM 4G+ (LTE-A) SIM card support while sporting NFC capability to boot.

Do take note that performing a DIY battery replacement procedure would make your warranty less useful than a piece of toilet paper, although it is not too difficult to do so. The top PCB board will be supported by a metal frame, while the Snapdragon 820 chipset has been coated with a kind of thermal substance to keep it nice and cool while running, without any other kind of extra cooling equipment present.

Are you stoked enough to pick up the Xiaomi Mi 5 when it is available in your country (which is a core market)?

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