Sony-Xperia-X-13Earlier Sony had announced a trio of new phones that is part of the newly launched Xperia X family. Now Sony had stated that they will only be available around summer, but it seems that if you are so inclined, Amazon Germany has put up two of the phones for pre-order – the Xperia X and the Xperia XA.

Sony also did not mention pricing at the time of launch, but if the Amazon listings are any accurate, the Xperia X is priced at 599 EUR while the Xperia XA is priced at 299 EUR. However like we said, there is no listing for the X Performance because apparently the handset will not be launched in Germany.

It is however expected to find its way to other parts of Europe where it has been estimated to be priced at 699 EUR, so would-be customers will want to keep an eye out for it. We have to admit that it is a rather early to be putting the phones up for pre-order since Sony did not say when exactly in the summer we might be able to expect it, but if you are fan and you don’t think there will be any new phones from now until then that will catch your attention, then you should probably go ahead and place your orders.

As for US availability, Sony did state earlier that they do have plans to bring the Xperia X handsets to the US. However there is no carrier participation for the handsets yet, but Sony did mention that at the very least it should be available via their own channels like their online store.

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