airbnb-tablet-appAirbnb is a great solution for those who are looking for value for money accommodation while on holiday. Usually prices found on Airbnb are cheaper than that of a hotel, and in some cases much more value for money as some homes are better located and are bigger. We suppose the only downside is that it lacks hotel-like services, but if you’re just after a bed to crash after a long day, it does the job.

However given that Airbnb locations are situated in neighborhoods, sometimes guests can be too loud and rowdy, which means that neighbors might be unhappy. The good news is that if you are the neighbor of an Airbnb host, the company has announced that they will be rolling out a feature that will allow you to leave feedback on the host.

This was announced recently in Japan by the head of Airbnb Japan Yasuyuki Tanabe who was quoted as saying, “One of the most important issues facing the sharing economy is how the people choosing to take part in it co-exist with those that aren’t. Our first step in this direction is to give neighbors the opportunity to comment or complain.”

Details of the feature remain scarce right now, but basically there will be an online form that neighbors can fill up, after which Airbnb will review them and decide if further action is required. It is unclear as to whether or not identities will be disclosed, and whether or not those comments might be made public.

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