You’d think that Apple would bring the best features to its apps for iOS first since it owns that platform but there are some features that iOS has never supported but on the other hand, Android has. Home screen widgets is one of those features. You still can’t get them on iOS but Android has had them for a very long time now. Apple is embracing this feature on Android as it has updated the Apple Music app for Android and it now has a home screen widget.

Once the Apple Music app for Android is updated, users will be able to place the widget on the home screen of their smartphone or tablet. It’s a basic widget which will allow users to control music with easy taps of the play/pause, skip buttons.

The widget also features a heart button which can be tapped to let Apple Music know that the user likes that particular song, this input proves to be very valuable as Apple Music learns to provide relevant music recommendations to all users.

As previously mentioned, since home screen widgets are not supported on iOS, it’s unlikely that this feature will arrive on iOS soon. For that to happen, Apple actually needs to come out with an iOS update that finally brings support for home screen widgets.

Whether or not that will happen is an entirely different debate.

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