Apple Music & Spotify Are Dominating The US Streaming Market

When you think of music streaming services, which platform do you think of? If you answered either Apple Music or Spotify, you’re not alone and it shouldn’t be surprising either because according to a report from Billboard, Apple Music and Spotify currently make up for about 80% of the music streaming market in the US.

Apple Music UI Update Makes It Easier To Browse

One of the criticisms faced by Apple over Apple Music is its design. For a company that seems to pride itself on its design, there were many who felt that the interface wasn’t as good as it could be. Apple has obviously made changes over the years, and now it looks like a new one has just arrived.

Apple Launches A ‘Top 100’ Chart For Apple Music

Music discovery is one of the reasons why people use streaming services. This is because unlike regular ala carte systems, streaming lets you enjoy a variety of songs without having to pay for them individually. However the system that helps users find new songs also needs to be good to keep them interested.

Apple Music Will Soon Get Android Auto Support

Apple doesn’t make a whole lot of apps for Android like Microsoft does but it has made an exception for Apple Music, its subscription-based music streaming service. The service used to be Beats Music which was later rebranded as Apple Music after Apple acquired the company a few years ago. Apple has kept the app’s reach limited on the rival platform but it’s finally opening it up a bit more […]


Verizon Unlimited Customers Get Free Apple Music For Six Months

There are obvious advantages to subscribing to an unlimited plan with your carrier, namely in the form of unlimited data. However if you’re a Verizon Unlimited customer, it seems that you’ve just been given an additional perk in the form of a free six month subscription to Apple Music, which is available to both new and current subscribers.

Apple CEO Says They’re Not In Music Streaming ‘For The Money’

Why do companies launch services and products? Obviously it is to make money, but apparently to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, making money seems to be secondary when it comes to Apple Music. This is according to a report from Fast Company in which Cook was quoted as saying just that.

Apple Music Gets More Social With ‘Friends Mix’ Playlist

Have you always wondered what kind of songs your friends are listening? Due to the fact that we all have different tastes when it comes to music, this means that checking out what others are listening to can be great for discovering new songs, genres, artists, bands, and so on. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, Apple is here to help.

Apple Music Has Reportedly Overtaken Spotify In The US

Back in May, it was revealed that Spotify was playing home to 75 million paid subscribers, while Apple Music was reported to have clocked in at 50 million subscribers. Based on those numbers, some might be wondering how it would be possible for Apple Music to overtake Spotify by the summer as some analysts have suggested.

Drake Smashes Record With New Album On Apple Music And Spotify

Drake is no stranger to setting and breaking records on streaming services. His new studio album titled Scorpion is out now and Apple has confirmed that Drake has smashed his own single-day record on Apple Music. Scorpion resulted in more than 170 million streams in 24 hours, significantly higher than the previous record of 89.9 million first-day streams set by Drake’s More Life mixtape that came out last year.

Apple Reportedly Planning Streaming Bundle For TV, Music, News

With Apple picking up as many new shows and movies as they are, the question is how will Apple distribute them? Will it be part of an Apple Music subscription? Will it be part of Apple TV? According to a report from The Information (paywall; via MacRumors), it seems that Apple could be planning a massive subscription bundle.

Report Speculates That Apple Could Acquire A Major Media Company

So we know that Apple has been rather busy going about acquiring new content for its video streaming platform. That much is already been confirmed, but many are questioning how Apple plans to go about distributing it. Will Apple do it on their own, or will they partner up with someone else to do it?

Apple Music Update Adds A ‘Coming Soon’ Section

Apple Music already shows users the latest music that has been released. However if you’d rather be able to keep track of upcoming releases, then you might be pleased to learn that an update that is being rolled out to Apple Music users that comes with a bunch of new features, such as the addition of a “Coming Soon” section.

Apple Unveils MusicKit For The Web

A couple of days ago, it appeared that Apple was testing out a new music player for the web. As it stands web developers could already integrate Apple Music on their websites via a web player, although it would only play previews of the songs which would encourage listeners to go and sign up for an account.

Apple Music Web Player Now Plays Full-Length Songs & Albums

One of the ways Apple helps artists promote their music through Apple Music is with a web-based player. This web player lets web developers embed the widget onto websites, which means that artists can share it on their website where visitors get to preview their songs via streaming.