Apple Will Let Users Gift Apple Music Subscriptions To Their Friends

While a subscription to Apple Music isn’t particularly expensive, we understand that there might be some hesitation when it comes to signing up for a subscription. That’s why Apple Music is giving users a free three-month trial to test out the service before signing up, but in case that wasn’t enough, not to worry.

Apple Has A Star-Studded Event Planned For The 25th Of March

Sometimes Apple holds an event in the early part of the year where they announce hardware refreshes for existing products. In a new report from Bloomberg, it seems that Apple will indeed be hosting such an event this year, but this time it could be a slightly different event as it will be quite a star-studded one.

Apple Music Users Can Stream Free Over Wi-Fi On American Airlines

Gone are the days where you would be cut off from the internet when flying on an airplane. Most major airlines have equipped their aircraft with in-flight Wi-Fi functionality, granted, it comes at a price. If you’d like to stream music via Apple Music while flying without having to pay for in-flight Wi-Fi, then book your next flight with American Airlines.

Apple Music Support For Android Tablets Now Exits Beta

Designing apps for tablets is not as easy as you might think. Tablets have a larger display which means that you can’t just scale up an app for smartphones and stuff it into a tablet. However due to the way we interact with our tablets, you can’t design a UI that you would normally use on a laptop or desktop computer either.


Some Verizon Unlimited Plans Will Include Apple Music Subscription

Compared to buying your music a la carte, subscribing to a music streaming service can be cheaper because for around $10 a month, you will get unlimited access to songs whenever and wherever you are. However if $10 a month is a bit too dear for your liking, not to worry because Verizon might have you covered.

Apple Music Will Arrive For Third-Party Alexa Devices

A few days ago it was reported that Apple Music would now be supported by Amazon’s Echo devices, meaning that if you wanted to stream and control Apple Music playback via your Echo speakers, you could. However at that time it was stated that this was only for Amazon’s Echo speakers.

How To Add Songs To Apple Music

Music streaming services offer a convenient way for people to listen to music on the go as it means being able to access a library of songs numbering in the tens or even hundreds of thousands. Unfortunately due to licensing reasons, as much as streaming services try, sometimes there will be instances that the song you want is not available. If you are an Apple Music user, this is how […]

Apple Music Now Supported By Amazon’s Echo Speakers

Amazon has their own music streaming service and we’re sure that the company would love if all users were to sign up for it. However the reality is that many of us are subscribed to multiple platforms, like Mac users who own Android devices, or iPhone users who subscribe to Spotify, and so on.

Apple Music Connect Will Be Shutting Down In 2019

Musicians and bands already have their own social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram where they post updates like tour dates, new album releases, new music videos, and so on. Apple attempted to create its own social network with Apple Music Connect, but it looks like that experiment has since failed and will be shutting down.

Unofficial Apple Music Player For The Web Launches

We’re sure that Apple would love for everyone to sign up with Apple Music. However the service isn’t available for all platforms, such as Linux where iTunes isn’t available, meaning that Linux users who want to listen to iTunes will need to rely on their phones. That’s one of the main reasons why Redditor NaveedGol decided to make a web version of Apple Music.

Apple Offering HomePod Discounts For Apple Music Subscribers

Apple’s HomePod is one of the more expensive smart speakers around where at $350, it certainly puts it well above the prices of some of its competitors, although Apple argues that the HomePod’s audio quality more than makes up for it. That being said if you’re looking to save some money, you might be in luck.

Apple Files Trademark For ‘Apple Music for Business’

Did you know that playing music in a public setting, like in a mall, a shop, or a restaurant requires a separate license? This means that just because you’re paying $10 a month for Apple Music, it doesn’t give you the right to broadcast it publicly where essentially hundreds, if not thousand of people could reap the “benefits” without paying a single cent.

Select Grammy Nominations Will Be Announced On Apple Music

Apple Music has seen considerable growth ever since it was launched a few years back. The service now has more than 56 million subscribers, making it one of the most popular music streaming services out there. It will be used this year to announce Grammy nominations in select categories, the Recording Academy has confirmed.

Apple May Be Considering Acquire iHeartRadio

Earlier last month it was reported that Apple could be considering making an investment into iHeartMedia which would not only give Apple a potential stake in the company, but also allow its Beats 1 radio station to be distributed further and reach more users, which in turn could also convince more users to sign up with Apple Music.