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iOS 14.6 Will Let You Stream Lossless Audio From iPhone To HomePod
Back in May, Apple announced that they would be launching lossless audio for Apple Music. However, it seems that at that time, none of Apple’s devices would actually support lossless playback, although Apple did say that the HomePod would receive an update that would eventually support it.

Apple Music Spatial Audio And Lossless Audio Now Available For Subscribers
Back in May, Apple announced that they would be introducing Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio for Apple Music. For those who have been looking forward to these features, you’ll be happy to learn that at WWDC 2021, Apple announced that these new features will be rolling out to users today.

Apple Could Launch A Spatial Audio Radio Station For Apple Music
While Apple’s AirPods lineup might not necessarily be the best-sounding headphones and earphones out there, they are convenient in terms of pairing and they do offer exclusive features like support for spatial audio tracks for Apple Music. However, it seems that Apple is taking their spatial audio feature even further.

HomePod Will Support Apple Music Lossless Audio In Future Update
When Apple announced the new lossless audio streaming option for Apple Music, it was revealed that pretty much none of Apple’s audio products, like the AirPods and HomePod lineup, would support it, which we have to say is a bit of a wasted opportunity and also kind of disappointing.


Apple Might Have A Way To Let The AirPods Stream Lossless Audio
When Apple announced that Apple Music will be getting lossless audio streaming, it came as a bit of a rude shock to discover that Apple’s own AirPods, including its $550 AirPods Max, would not support it. This is because in order to stream lossless, you would need a wired connection and in the case of hi-resolution lossless, a USB DAC.

Apple’s AirPods Won’t Support Apple Music’s New Lossless Option
As you might have heard, Apple Music just announced its new lossless streaming option. If you were looking forward to taking advantage of the higher quality audio, note that none of Apple’s AirPods lineup, which includes the AirPods, AirPods Pro, and the AirPods Max, will actually support it.

Apple Music Will Be Getting New Lossless Audio At No Extra Cost
Apple recently teased that they were about to change music forever. It was speculated that this had to do with the rumors of Apple potentially launching a new lossless streaming option, and sure enough it looks like the rumors were true because Apple has since officially announced not only lossless audio, but also support for spatial audio for Apple Music.

Apple Just Hinted That ‘Music Is About To Change Forever’
Earlier, it was reported that within the Apple Music Android app, there were references spotted to a potential lossless streaming option. This comes on the heels of an earlier report that suggested that Apple was working on a “HiFi” lossless streaming option for Apple Music, and now it looks like those rumors could be coming true.

Third-Gen AirPods, Apple Music HiFi Rumored For May 18 Launch
We have been hearing rumors about Apple working on a new set of AirPods, but the question is when will it launch? According to the latest rumors, which comes in the form of a tweet by user Luke Miani, it seems that the device could be launching on the 18th of May alongside a rumored new Apple Music HiFi streaming option.

Apple Music For Android Hints At New Lossless Streaming Option
The quality of Apple Music streams at the moment are pretty decent. It isn’t the highest quality compared to some of the competition, but it’s more than enough for most people, unless you own some higher-end audiophile grade equipment and you can tell the difference, but otherwise, we reckon that it should be good enough for the majority.

Apple Music HiFi Hinted At In iOS 14.6 Beta
One of the main differences between Apple Music and Tidal is that the latter is focused more on higher quality streams, which for some actually matters, while for others, they can’t really tell the difference. However, if you wished that Apple Music had a similar feature, you could actually be in luck.

Apple Says There Will Never Be A Free Apple Music Tier
When it comes to music streaming services, one of the biggest differences between Apple Music and Spotify is that the latter offers users the option of listening for free in exchange for certain limitations and ads. Spotify is currently leading the way in terms of music streaming, so could a missing piece of the Apple Music puzzle be a free tier?

Apple Music Is Getting More Social With Lyrics Sharing
How do you find out about songs or bands you’ve never heard of before? There are many ways, such as hearing it used as background music in a TV show or movie, hearing it on radio, or being recommended by a friend. Social media can also be a good way about finding and discovering new tunes.

Apple Could Be Looking To Launch A Podcast Subscription Service
Right now, the podcasts you access from Apple are pretty much free. However, to better compete with Spotify and to attract more podcasters to its platform, it seems that Apple could be planning on launching their own podcast subscription service, according to a report from The Information (paywall).

You Can Now Stream Apple Music Directly From Google’s Smart Speakers
Given that Google owns its own music streaming service and how they view Apple as a rival, it’s actually interesting to see how Google’s smart speakers powered by Google Assistant, along with their smart displays, can now stream Apple Music directly from them. This is according to a recent update on Google’s blog.

How To Listen To Apple Music Offline
If you’re an Apple Music subscriber and would love to be able to listen to your music without an internet connection, here’s what you need to do.

Apple One Services Bundle Will Be Launching Tomorrow
Back in September, Apple announced that they will be putting together a subscription bundle of its various services. Dubbed Apple One, this will see Apple combine various services like Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, and more into different packages at different prices that customers can sign up for.

How To Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription
Thinking about canceling your Apple Music subscription? It’s actually pretty easy and straightforward, so read on to find out how to cancel your Apple Music subscription.

Spotify Slams The Apple One Bundle, Calls It ‘Anti-Competitive’
Yesterday during Apple’s Time Flies event, the company unveiled its subscription bundle, the Apple One. Basically, this subscription bundle(s) combines various Apple subscription services into several different packages that are much more affordable than if you were to buy them a la carte.

Apple One Brings All Of Apple’s Subscription Services Together
As per the rumors, Apple is said to have been working on creating a subscription bundle that combines various services together in more affordable packages. Dubbed the Apple One, that services bundle has since been officially confirmed where there will be several different plans for users to choose from.