Apple Files Trademark For ‘Apple Music for Business’

Did you know that playing music in a public setting, like in a mall, a shop, or a restaurant requires a separate license? This means that just because you’re paying $10 a month for Apple Music, it doesn’t give you the right to broadcast it publicly where essentially hundreds, if not thousand of people could reap the “benefits” without paying a single cent.

Select Grammy Nominations Will Be Announced On Apple Music

Apple Music has seen considerable growth ever since it was launched a few years back. The service now has more than 56 million subscribers, making it one of the most popular music streaming services out there. It will be used this year to announce Grammy nominations in select categories, the Recording Academy has confirmed.

Apple May Be Considering Acquire iHeartRadio

Earlier last month it was reported that Apple could be considering making an investment into iHeartMedia which would not only give Apple a potential stake in the company, but also allow its Beats 1 radio station to be distributed further and reach more users, which in turn could also convince more users to sign up with Apple Music.

Apple Music Now Has More Than 56 Million Subscribers

While Apple Music got a later start compared to the other streaming services out there, it seems to be catching up pretty quick. Earlier this year it was reported that Apple Music had about 50 million subscribers, but now according to the latest figures from the Financial Times, it seems that that number has jumped to 56 million in about half a year.


Apple Music Beta For Android Supports Tablets

If you’re subscribed to Apple Music and you’re using iOS devices like an iPhone and an iPad, then you know that Apple Music works across either device. However for those on Android, it is a different story, but for Android users who are subscribed to Apple Music, you might be interested to learn that the latest beta for the app now supports tablets.

Apple Music For Amazon Echo Devices Coming In A Couple Of Weeks

Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo devices can perform a wide variety of tasks, including but not limited to music streaming. They support a handful of popular streaming services from which users can listen to their favorite tracks by simply giving out voice commands. They will soon be able to do that with Apple Music as well.

Apple May Be Thinking About Investing In iHeartRadio

The largest radio company in the United States, iHeartMedia, is in a spot of bother. It has $20 billion in debt and has filed for bankruptcy protection in March. The company has been exploring the possibility of obtaining investments with several companies one of which is said to be Apple. It wants to clinch a deal ahead of filing a reorganization plan with the bankruptcy court.

Apple Acquires Analytics Firm To Boost Apple Music Recommendations

Users picking and choosing their favorite music is a system that’s easy enough to make. All you need is to ensure that you have a big enough library to choose from. Recommending music on the other hand can be tricky, and this is an area that Spotify has excelled in where their playlists and song recommendations are one of the platform’s better features.

Apple Music To Get Exclusive Ministry Of Sound Playlists

Exclusives are a great way to try and tempt people to buy your product or sign up for your service, and it looks like Spotify could have been dealt a pretty big blow as it has been revealed that Apple Music will soon be getting exclusive Ministry of Sound playlists that will be available starting on the 4th of October, 2018.

Apple Music Converting Paying Customers 2.5 Faster Than Spotify

Unlike Spotify which offers an ad-based free listening tier, Apple Music can only be accessed by those who pay for its subscription (assuming your three-month trial has ended). This means that Apple needs paid customers to keep its services profitable and successful, whereas Spotify can still rely on revenue generated by ads.

Apple Music & Spotify Are Dominating The US Streaming Market

When you think of music streaming services, which platform do you think of? If you answered either Apple Music or Spotify, you’re not alone and it shouldn’t be surprising either because according to a report from Billboard, Apple Music and Spotify currently make up for about 80% of the music streaming market in the US.

Apple Music UI Update Makes It Easier To Browse

One of the criticisms faced by Apple over Apple Music is its design. For a company that seems to pride itself on its design, there were many who felt that the interface wasn’t as good as it could be. Apple has obviously made changes over the years, and now it looks like a new one has just arrived.

Apple Launches A ‘Top 100’ Chart For Apple Music

Music discovery is one of the reasons why people use streaming services. This is because unlike regular ala carte systems, streaming lets you enjoy a variety of songs without having to pay for them individually. However the system that helps users find new songs also needs to be good to keep them interested.

Apple Music Will Soon Get Android Auto Support

Apple doesn’t make a whole lot of apps for Android like Microsoft does but it has made an exception for Apple Music, its subscription-based music streaming service. The service used to be Beats Music which was later rebranded as Apple Music after Apple acquired the company a few years ago. Apple has kept the app’s reach limited on the rival platform but it’s finally opening it up a bit more […]