Barnes & Noble is going to stop digital sales through its app and video stores later this month. According to a report, the company is going to stop digital sales through Nook App and Video stores from March 15th and customers who have bought content from either of the two stores have until then to download their apps and media content one last time.

By linking Nook Video content to accounts for Disney Movies Anywhere of CinemaNow, customers will be able to hold on to their streaming and download rights on other platforms.

Even though Barnes & Noble is going to stop selling apps and media content, it’s going to continue selling e-books, at least for now. Nook’s digital bookstore for the United States will remain in business and will be accessible through the company’s hardware as well as via cross-platform apps.

Customers in the United Kingdom are out of luck, though. Barnes & Noble is giving up its digital bookstore across the pond to local retailer Sainsbury’s which is going to provide either free titles or digital vouchers to Nook customers who move their accounts.

It’s not surprising that the company has made the decision to suspend app and content sales, it has been losing ground on both fronts and is now opting to cut its losses.

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