fb hd uploadHave you ever wondered why sometimes when you upload a photo from your Android phone to Facebook that its size and quality isn’t the same as when you upload from your computer? This isn’t so much because your phone camera is low-res, but rather because of the fact that the Facebook app for Android does not support HD uploads, at least until now.


We suppose to be fair, the reason for compressing uploads is to help prevent a strain on Facebook’s servers and possibly even your data, but the good news is that according to reports, it looks like the Facebook Android app has a new setting in which users can now opt to upload HD quality photos, as you can see in the screenshot to the right.

According to Android Police who tested out the feature, depending on the resolution of the original photo, Facebook caps the resolution at 2048×1152, which is the same resolution as the desktop version, so essentially it looks like the desktop and mobile uploads will be similar. The file size is also reduced which could simply be the reduction of the resolution and not necessarily in image quality.

With the feature turned off, the resulting photo uploaded was a 960×540 file. If you’d like to enable HD photos, head on over to your Facebook’s settings on the Android app to check it out. In the meantime this is a feature that has long been enabled for the iOS version of Facebook. You can check out how to enable it here.

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