Right now the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge probably have the best smartphone camera available in the market. Not only is the aperture pretty wide at f/1.7, which helps with low-light photography, but it also boasts an incredibly fast autofocusing system thanks to the use of a souped up version of phase detection where up to 4M pixels are used at any given time.

This is versus other phase detection systems which might use around 5% of its pixels, meaning that on paper Samsung’s cameras are much, much faster. However the question is, how much faster are we looking at? Turns out that it is apparently fast enough to beat out a DSLR, thanks to a new comparison video that surfaced online.

In the video, it pits the Galaxy S7 against a more traditional DSLR camera in the form of the Canon EOS 70D. Now to be fair, the EOS 70D has been around for about 3 years now, so obviously its technology isn’t quite as new as some of the more recent cameras. However for those wondering if smartphone cameras do have the potential to replace our DSLRs one day, the speed at which the Galaxy S7 can focus certainly does give us some hope.

This isn’t the first comparison video we’ve seen as earlier, we saw how the Galaxy S7 compared with the iPhone 6s/6s Plus in which the photo also performed admirably, although we guess the resulting images is really about personal preference.

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