Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Edge-20_900As some of you guys might have heard, Samsung brought back water resistant capabilities to the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. They also issued a warning in its user manual in which they told users not to charge their phones when wet as it could damage their devices, but it turns out that Samsung also included an additional failsafe.

It has recently been reported that Samsung has included a moisture sensor built into its USB port. What this sensor does is that it detects moisture, and when it does, it will actually prevent the phone from charging. So even if you were to charge your phone by accident when it was wet, the sensor should prevent the device from charging, so you should be protected.

When trying to charge when wet, a message should pop up to inform you of moisture detection. Also according to some users, it seems that the sensor is apparently so sensitive that it can even detect third-party cables that don’t meet Samsung’s specifications, so not only will prevent phones from charging when wet, but it can also detect non-authorized charging cables.

We have heard many horror stories of how some devices explode or catch on fire due to use of unauthorized accessories, so hopefully this will prevent similar cases from happening in the future with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

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