gplay-moviesI would like to think that everyone out there are willing to do their bit to save as much money as possible, which makes plenty of sense, really, especially when you consider how we are living in economically challenging times. Having said that, catching a movie is always a good way to escape from the day’s dreariness, and Google might have just the tonic for you. Basically, as long as you have an Internet connected device and a Google account, the tech giant is offering a 50% discount on a single movie rental.

This particular order would be made available until the 17th of March, and after that, things will be back to normal. So far, Google has listed just a handful of titles after making the announcement for this particular promotion, although this does not mean that you are unable to zoom in on the movie of your preferred choice over on the Google Play Store.

Basically, from the moment a movie is rented, the clock will start ticking, where you have a total of 30 days to watch it. That should be ample time even for the most busy of executives since you can always sneak in half an hour here and there throughout the month, right? Do bear in mind that the discount will be applied at checkout.

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