Last year we reported that a British company by the name of Realm Pictures used the Chatroulette platform to create a real-life first-person shooter, in which participants on Chatroulette would be able to “control” the game and tell their character where to go. That being said, it looks like they are back and this time they have managed to recreate Hitman.


According to the video’s description, “Just after we released the Real Life First Person Shooter (Chatroulette Version), a game studio got in touch and asked if there was a way to make a real-life version of their game…” The end result is pretty much the same as their previous attempt, except that in this case it is based around the Hitman franchise.

In fact if anything, we have to say that they have done a fantastic job. The way the camera pans and moves with the character certainly seems to be similar to how the game is played. The use of lighting also feels a lot like the video game, and they even managed to bring on board David Bateson, whom for those unfamiliar is the voice actor for Hitman.

Despite this not actually being a real video game, the company has certainly planned it out pretty well and has taken into account all sorts of possibilities and scenarios. In any case if you have some time to spare, you can check out the video above to see players “play” the game, or the video below to watch the behind-the-scenes footage.

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