iphone seSlice Intelligence has stepped forward to report that the recently revealed iPhone SE from Apple failed to make that much of an impact online throughout its first weekend of availability, as opposed to the iPhone 6 back in the day. In fact, the iPhone SE had only 3% of the iPhone 6’s first weekend online sales figures.

Still, the report did indicate that the iPhone SE has managed step into the gap of ushering those who were Android users to make the jump into the iPhone camp, as an intermediary device to help folks get warmed up to the idea of rocking to an iPhone.

Slice Intelligence also mentioned that 35% of those who picked up the iPhone SE online over the weekend have also bought an iPhone in the past couple of years. If one were to take into consideration that 49% of first-weekend iPhone 6s sales arrived from folks who decided to make an upgrade move from a previous iPhone model, then surely the iPhone SE did not have that much of an impact. In fact, the smaller display size might even be seen to be more of a downgrade. Basically, it looks as though the iPhone SE is being positioned to be a teaser handset to lure folks into the iOS camp, and it seems like the objective has been met so far.

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