Late last year, Sony ended speculation about the No Man’s Sky game by announcing at its Paris Games Week press conference that the title will be released in June 2016. Since the release was a long way off it didn’t provide any information about the price or when pre-orders will open. There’s still no official word from the company as yet but it appears that the No Man’s Sky pre-order date and price have now been leaked.


The leak comes from none other than Sony itself which published a graphic on the official U.S. PlayStation Blog before taking it down shortly. Since it comes straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth there’s a good chance that the information contained in that graphic is correct.

If the information in the graphic is anything to go by, Sony will announce that No Man’s Sky is available for pre-order starting today with a price tag of $59.99. The price isn’t surprising since that how much most major games cost anyway.

The graphic didn’t contain an actual release date for the game so there’s still no news about that. At least, we know that it’s going to arrive at some point in June which is only a few months off from now.

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