Companies pay good money to have their products featured in popular TV shows, this has been going on for decades, and it’s a great way for the TV show to make money on the side. It’s not uncommon to see products from some of the biggest companies make a cameo in big shows, the usual suspects include Apple and Samsung, so it was a bit surprising to see OnePlus smartphones being used in the latest season of House of Cards. OnePlus had to pay quite a bit of money for its cameo.


Samsung has pushed its products in House of Cards for a couple of seasons now and even in the latest season we get to see the characters use Samsung smartphones, and you’ll see Samsung TVs in the background in plenty of scenes.

I was surprised to see OnePlus smartphones make a cameo in House of Cards and knew instantly that it wasn’t out of sheer luck that they were being strategically used in the scenes just so the viewers could see which company had made the phone Claire Underwood was using.

OnePlus has revealed that it paid over $300,000 to get the OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X smartphones features in the latest season of House of Cards. Its products didn’t get as much screen time as Samsung’s did, but at least it’s a novel way for the Chinese company to promote brand awareness among customers in the United States.

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