There has been much talk recently concerning mid-generation upgrade for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Nothing has been officially confirmed by the companies behind these consoles yet. A few days ago it was rumored that Sony has plans to develop a “PlayStation 4.5” which will feature upgraded internals that would make it capable of handling 4K gaming. A new rumor suggests that Sony’s research and development labs are now playing with actual PlayStation 4K prototypes.

Aside from claiming that the upgraded PlayStation 4’s existence has been “independently established,” it’s also said that prototype devices have landed at Sony’s R&D labs.

According to “more than one source,” the console is referred to as PlayStation 4K, which makes sense, since the reason for this mid-season upgrade is to enable the console to play 4K games.

It’s said that the PlayStation 4K will have a more power graphics processor on an upgraded version of AMD’s APU technology that’s also used in the existing model. The APU in PlayStation 4K might move from 28nm to a 14nm or 16nm chip but that’s just speculation right now.

Sony itself has said nothing about a mid-generation upgrade for the PlayStation 4 so take all of this with a grain of salt for now until we have more evidence to be absolutely sure that this is happening, that Sony is going to come out with a PlayStation 4K.

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