ps4-new-playing-options‘Birds of a feather flock together’ and ‘Great minds think alike’ are two idioms that come to mind when we hear of a report that claims Sony is working on a ‘PlayStation 4.5’, which would pretty much be in line with what its rival on the game console stage, Microsoft, would do concerning a mid-generation upgrade for their Xbox One. According to Kotaku, Sony has plans to develop a ‘PlayStation 4.5’, which would most probably be an upgraded PS4, where it will allegedly sport a better GPU that can handle 4K gaming, and will also make lighter work of resource-heavy PlayStation VRk titles.

The folks over at Sony continued to remain indifferent to the matter when asked, citing “We can’t comment on rumors or speculation.” Kotaku has had their fair share of accurate scoops in the past so to hear of a PlayStation 4.5 is certainly interesting. After all, Microsoft has also planned to do something similar down the road, offering incremental add-on upgrades from time to time in order to keep up with the latest in technology, as opposed to waiting for a new generation console after a number of years.

As for the PlayStation 4.5, we do not know whether it will arrive as a purchasable upgrade, or will it be sold as a whole new console. It does not seem, however, that the console will need to be opened up for new parts to be put in, just like what Microsoft thought, but would be adding on new components and parts.

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