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Paid expansions for Star Wars Battlefront have already been detailed but it’s yet to be confirmed when they’re going to be released. A listing on GameStop suggests that Outer Rim, the first paid expansion for Star Wars Battlefront, is going to be released in the first week of next month. The listing also mentions the price and precise release date of this DLC.


It was originally said that Outer Rim would be released in March 2016, no precise date was given, and if the listing is anything to go by then we might see Outer Rim being launched on April 5th.

Star Wars Battlefront is going to get four paid expansions, season pass holders will get all of them for $49.99, though Xbox Live Gold subscribers get a $5 discount.

Outer Rim is going to add more playable heroes to the game, heroes like Greedo, Rodian and Sullustan Nien Numb, the co-pilot of Lando Calrissian. New maps set in Jabba the Hutt’s palace, his sail barge and maps on Nunb’s homeworld are included in this expansion as well.

The first paid DLC for this game is going to bring new weapons aside from Extraction, a variant of capture-the-flag in which Rebels have to bring back a payload to their transport while Imperials try to stop them in their tracks.

An official release date for the Outer Rim expansion for Star Wars Battlefront hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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