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It was first reported last year that Sony was working on a PS4 Remote Play app for Windows PC and Mac. The app will enable you to stream PS4 games to PC and Mac. The company has announced today that game streaming to PCs is indeed a feature in the upcoming system software update for the PlayStation 4. Software version 3.50 for PS4 includes the game streaming feature and the beta program for this update kicks off tomorrow.


Sony will allow members of the beta program to test out PS4 system software version 3.50 on their consoles. The beta test is likely going to take a couple of weeks in which Sony will consider feedback and iron out any kinks before releasing this update for everybody.

Software version 3.50 for PS4 brings several new social features. It will notify users the moment their friends come online and also allow users to appear offline so that they can play a game or watch a movie without being pestered by friends.User event scheduling for gaming sessions and the ability for all members of a Party to see what each person is playing happens to be included as well in this update.

It merits mentioning here that the PS4 Remote Play feature for PC and Mac is not going to be enabled initially but it does say that we can look forward to it “soon.”It’s going to provide more details about this update and reveal some additional key features as well as the release date in the coming days.

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