sfv-realisticCapcom’s Street Fighter V has a pretty interesting design about it. While the graphics look great, we wouldn’t exactly call it realistic, and fans of the franchise might be interested to learn that the game did not look this way at its inception. In fact, Capcom appeared to be trying to go for a more realistic design for the game.

This was revealed by the game’s producer Koichi Sugiyama in an interview with GameSpark (via EventHubs) who said that that was the direction the team was headed, but ultimately canned as the end result was a game that did not exactly have the Street Fighter feel, as you can see in the image above which shows of some concept art and its early design.

according to Sugiyama, “At the beginning of development, honestly, we even developed photoreal graphics. But as you’d expect, if there isn’t that bold, animesque presentation, then the game doesn’t look very Street Fighter-y. Because of that, we shelved the idea.” We have to admit that the original design looks pretty good, although it does give off more of a Tekken or Soul Calibur feel than a Street Fighter one.

In any case what do you guys make of it? Is this a Street Fighter V you would be more interested in playing? Or do you think comparisons made to other fighting games would have detracted from the actual game itself?

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