eos-m2When it comes to mirrorless cameras, it would seem that companies such as Sony, Olympus, and Fujifilm appear to be dominating. More “traditional” camera companies like Nikon and Canon have released mirrorless cameras in the past, but to date their efforts haven’t exactly been as successful compared to the likes of Sony.


Now according to a report from last month, it seems that Canon has promised that we can expect at least one mirrorless camera from the company, which we guess wouldn’t be completely unreasonable. However according to a report from Canon Rumors, word on the street has it that Canon could instead release at least three mirrorless cameras in 2016.

Unfortunately not much is known about the mirrorless cameras from Canon just yet, but the report claims that at least one of the models will feature 4K video recording. We suppose if you’re after a camera that’s compact, can support interchangeable lenses, and has 4K, this might be a camera to keep an eye out for.

However to be fair, there are other companies who offer similar features, so we guess it would really boil down to brand loyalty. In any case like we said, Canon’s mirrorless camera efforts have never really achieved the same level of success as Sony, so hopefully this year’s cameras will yield better results for the company.

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