demolished-houseDo you think that we rely on technology a wee bit too much, especially when it comes to navigation? When was the last time you drove without relying on the likes of Waze to get you to your destination in a familiar place, simply because you do not trust in your instincts or experience but prefer the computer to calculate the fastest time for you? It looks like it is time for Google Maps to be under the spotlight as the mapping service has caused the wrong house to get demolished in Texas.

The reason behind that? The address was apparently misrepresented on the map, which is a rather tragic situation for Lindsay Diaz. Diaz is the owner of the tornado-stricken house, and she was mulling over whether to repair or rebuild the home. It seems that Diaz had already applied for a builder’s permit so that she can repair the duplex, but was unpleasantly surprised that the home was demolished on that very day itself.

The demolition company, Billy L Nabors Demolition, did get the address right, but ended up on the wrong street. Diaz has put up a Google Maps screenshot that pointed to the address for 7601 Cousteau Drive, which had directed the company incorrectly to the house at 7601 Calypso Drive. Perhaps one should always go through a verification of the address before demolishing a home to prevent something like this from ever happening again?

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