It looks like the Xiaomi Mi 5, which was officially launched in February earlier this year, is no pushover when it comes to being tough-as-nails. After all, when you are done watching the video above, you would most certainly agree with us as well, as the ceramic Xiaomi Mi 5 managed to go through its fair share of torture tests against a key, saw, file and heck, why not throw in a drill for good measure?

It looks like premium build quality among Chinese smartphone manufacturers is a big thing these days, even more so if you are about to roll out a flagship device. Folks would love to get plenty of value for their hard earned money, and it does look as though the material and engineering that has gone into the Xiaomi Mi 5 will certainly pay dividends.

Two of the Xiaomi Mi 5 variants do come in the form of the “traditional” metal-glass combination, but the one that had undergone all of that punishment has certainly passed its toughness test with flying colors, not to mention costing a whole lot more to boot – with the upside of featuring more RAM underneath the hood, and its ceramic finish, of course. It takes a certain kind of intestinal fortitude to put a phone through such punishment, doesn’t it?

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