phonebill-shockBill shocks are not new any more these days, but it also does seem as though education has worked as many people now do turn off their data connection whenever their smartphone is on roaming mode. While some of us have the benefit of a company phone account to burn even when we are overseas, there are many others out there who would like to minimize their bill as much as possible when traveling, and this means not accepting incoming calls and the like. Well, for folks living in the US, what is the highest mobile phone bill to date? It seems that Celina Aarons from South Florida holds this unwanted record, after receiving a $201,000 invoice from T-Mobile.

This unfortunate incident came about due to circumstances, as Celina has two brothers who were deaf from birth, and hence, there was no way for verbal communication to happen. The younger of the two, Shamir, was in college and was jobless, so Celina texts him regularly, resulting in a monthly average of $175 for her bill. However, when he jetted to Canada for a two-week holiday, Celina and her brother sent video files and more than 2,000 texts between each other, resulting in the insanely high bill.

Thankfully, T-Mobile decided to give a $198,500 discount, Celina with half a year to pay the remaining $2,500. Do bear in mind that this happened all the way back in 2011, and it must have been a stepping stone for the mobile industry to change their ways of communicating with their customers.

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