comcast-buildingAs some of you guys are probably aware of, Comcast has a data cap trial in place in which certain parts of the country are subject to data caps of 300GB. If you were to look at this a few years ago, 300GB is not too bad, but fast forward to today where video game downloads are more than a few gigabytes, and where patches are also in the gigabyte territory, and let’s not forget video streaming where 4K video streams will eat into that 300GB very quickly.

So obviously 300GB is not enough for today’s usage. The good news is that if you are a Comcast customer who is part of the data cap trial, the company has recently announced that they will be raising the limit of the trial to a more reasonable 1TB. Comcast claims that they are being generous as a “typical” customer only uses 60GB of data a month, and that 99% of their customers do not even come close to 1TB to begin with.

That being said, we guess it’s still good news nonetheless. According to Comcast, “What can you do with a terabyte?  A whole lot.  You can stream about 700 hours of HD video, play 12,000 hours of online games, and download 60,000 high-res photos in a month.” The new 1TB cap is expected to go into effect for all their trial markets by the 1st of June. The overages will still apply so if somehow you do exceed the 1TB cap, you will have to pay $10 for every 50GB of data used.

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