google_drive_syncThe other day Google pushed out an update to its Google Photos app that basically allowed users to select which photos they want to backup. If you’re looking to upload photos in their original resolution that’s above 16MP, this feature will help you save space as you can be more selective about what gets stored.

Turns out Google Photos wasn’t alone in getting a space-saving feature because Google Drive has undergone a similar change. According to Google, “Drive can store terabytes (upon terabytes) but there’s a good chance your computer’s hard drive will run out of space if you sync everything. Fortunately, you can now select which folders or subfolders you want to sync — and deselect the ones you don’t. When you deselect a folder, it’ll be removed from your computer but still kept safely in Drive. And Drive shows you the size of each folder, so you’ll know how much space you’re freeing up.”

So if you’re a heavy Google Drive user and you’d rather not sync everything, especially if you’d rather not sync work files on your home PC, then this feature might come in handy. In addition to allowing users to select what files to sync, Google has also included notifications to warn users that by deleting certain files or folders can cause other users to lose access.

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