google photos backupOne of the best things about Google Photos is that backing up and storing your photos is free. There is a caveat and that is only photos below 16MP can be stored for free. If you own a professional DSLR that packs more than 16MP under the hood, then you will be given a limited amount of storage instead.

Now aside from being free, another upside is that Google Photos can backup your photos automatically meaning that there is no need for input on your end. This is great if you are using the free storage, but if you constantly upload photos larger than 16MP, you’ll find yourself running out of space pretty quickly, but thankfully there’s now a way to rectify that.

Google has recently announced that in the latest version of Google Photos, they have introduced a manual backup feature. As its name implies, this allows users to choose which photos they want or don’t want to backup. If you’re particular about what kind of photos gets saved in your backup, this feature will come in handy, or if you prefer uploading original full-sized images, this lets you be more selective, which in turn will hopefully help you manage your storage.

Unfortunately at the moment the latest version of Google Photos to support manual backup is only available for Android, so hit up the Google Play Store for latest build, but fret not iOS users as we expect that Google will eventually bring this feature to its iOS version.

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